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Tarot Tuesday: XV, The Devil

Tarot Tuesday: XV The Devil

The devil can often represent self-destructive behaviors--alcoholism and other addictions.

When pulled in an advice reading, it is not suggesting these things, but suggesting you must be hard and strong in the face of what's to come. There is no room or time for negotiation or diplomacy. You will have to fight and stand your ground. Sometimes, killing them with kindness just isn't enough. Do whatever is necessary to protect yourself.

Although, afterwards, people may see you as the villain, you've done what was needed to keep yourself safe.

However, as most cards do, the card has many interpretations. Another might be listening to the devil on your shoulder. Caving for creature comforts or easy solutions. It's all a matter of the context.

When questioning the cards about a lack of motivation, this card can represent finding new ways to boost your energy and drive. Try being adventurous. Delve into the unknown and resurface as a new you.

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