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Medicinal Monday: Restorative Essences

One of the best parts about working the Roboto Punk Rock Flea Market yesterday was meeting other, wonderful vendors! And right beside me for the whole day was Tonja Payne of Restorative Essences. When I saw her Healing Honey Bee Mask, I knew I needed to try it.

The mask uses Black Seed Oil, Lavender, Jojoba Oil, and Honey--all fantastic, natural ways to combat acne and clear the skin. The Jojoba Oil also helps moisturize while the Brown Sugar exfoliates. All in all, it sounded like a winner.

I left the mask on for a while as I did some chores around the house and ate breakfast. It felt soothing so I didn't wash it off until it had hardened a bit. As I rinsed it off with warm water, I could feel the granules exfoliating my skin.

I gently patted my face dry with a towel and then started feeling the skin of my face. It felt plump and soft, nourished and clean.

I have to admit I'm probably going to use this almost every day, and when I run out, I'll buy more!

Check out Tonja's amazing products here.

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