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Tea Leaves Thursday: Hibiscus Tea

Second only to Shiso Tea, Hibiscus is one of my absolute favorites. In fact, it was the tea that got me into tea!

I used to hate tea and feel it was bland and bitter, but then I tried a hibiscus tea and the tart, full flavor made me second guess my opinions.

While there are raspberry teas, to me, hibiscus tastes more like raspberry than they do. It's tart, but sweet, and requires no add-ins to make it drinkable. Some teas need some honey or milk to make them taste just right, but hibiscus is absolutely perfect on its own.

But what is it that makes hibiscus so special, beyond its flavor?

Hibiscus is used in spells of love, lust, and divination. You heard me right. First and foremost, it's an aphrodisiac.

The bright red/pink color makes the tea pop in any setting and is perfect for a Valentine's date with your sweetheart--which made me want to feature it this week.

So if you're celebrating some more this weekend, you know what to add to the menu.

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