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Kitchen Witch Wednesday: Thyme-Mushroom Penne

This marks my first Kitchen Witch Wednesday with a savory recipe--as opposed to baked goods! And I couldn't think of a better recipe to represent my tastes!

If you're wondering about thyme itself, as a magical and healing herb, check the first post of this series of three where I'm cooking with thyme.

This recipe is one of my favorites and is so simple you could make it for any meal. What I love about it is how easy and quick it is to make, while also looking so spectacular.

To make this serving extra beautiful, I even used some gorgeous oyster mushrooms instead of my regular button mushrooms.

To make this delicious pasta you'll need:

- pasta of any kind (I prefer penne for this recipe)

- thyme

- butter

- feta crumbles

- mushrooms (once again I usually use button but this time I used oyster)

* Quantities for this recipe are dependent on the amount you want to make. Just eyeball it! I have faith in you.


Begin by boiling/cooking the pasta as you normally would.

While that's going, add some butter, several sprigs of thyme, and the mushrooms to a skillet. Cook them on a medium heat, constantly stirring them around, until the mushrooms have softened and soaked up a good bit of butter.

Strain the finished pasta and put it into a serving dish. Pour the feta on top and mix it around to melt the cheese while the pasta is still hot.

Then pour in the butter/thyme/mushroom mixture. Continue stirring--the hot butter will melt the cheese even more.

And there you have it! A perfect recipe that can work for dinner parties or just dinner for one! It's great served cold as leftovers as well--like pasta salad!

I hope you all enjoy it!

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