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Medicinal Monday: Aloe barbadensis

Though aloe has become especially popular with the trend of owning succulents, cacti, and other similar plants, it's also a powerful asset in your witch-first-aid-kit.

Aloe or Aloe Vera has been used for centuries for everything ranging from a skin soother in ancient Egypt to an ointment for poisoned arrow wounds in Africa. Nowadays it's simply a common find in the beauty aisle.

The Aloe's healing properties coming from breaking the spiny leaves. The transparent gel that comes out in response can be used for skin irritation, cuts, and even minor burns. Not only does it soothe the wound, but it also improves the healing process and promotes cell growth and attachment.

While you can find products containing aloe in many stores, it's always always best to use it fresh. To use, cut off a lower leaf near the center stock, remove the spines, and split the leaf in half. Scrape the gel that oozes out onto your wound and the healing will begin immediately.

A clever kitchen witch will always keep some aloe in the kitchen in case of cuts or burns.

In magical studies, aloe is used to bring success, and love to the lonely. Some customs encourage hanging aloe in the doorway of a traveler upon returning home, to bring them protection. It is also occasionally used as a funeral herb, planted on top of graves, to bring peace to the spirit.

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