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Medicinal Monday: Calming Honey Chamomile Clay Mask from The Foxglove Hollow

My skin has been terribly worn out lately as I've been under a lot of stress, so it felt like it was time to get out a face mask and treat myself a little.

This mask came to me by way of a Christmas gift from a friend--so it was about time I finally used it!

It's from a vendor called The Foxglove Hollow which you can find on Etsy.

This mask contains Kaolin Clay (to absorb oil), Goat's Milk Powder (to protect against dry skin and wrinkling), Honey Powder (honey helps clear skin), Chamomile Powder (to tighten and tone skin, and shrink pores), and Bergamot Oil (to cleanse and calm the skin).

The mask comes in a powdered form which you then mix with water to create a paste that you can then apply to your skin. Then you leave the mask on for 15-20 minutes before washing it off.

While I didn't see immediate results after washing it off as I did with my Honey Bee Mask from Restorative Essences, it did feel cooling while it was on my skin, which was really pleasant and calming.

I still have another mask from Foxglove Hollow to use and I'm excited to try that one as well. I'll let you know the results soon!

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