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Medicinal Monday: Taiga Bees Sore Muscles Salt Soak

This week for Medicinal Monday, I'm going to give a little review of a product from a local seller--Taiga Bees! I saw them recently as vendors at a show and picked up their Sore Muscles Salt Soak. I love a good, witchy bath so I couldn't pass up on this.

The soak contains Hawaiian black lava salt, juniper berries, organic calendula, organic lavender, organic chamomile, and essential oils like eucalyptus.

Photo from Taiga Bees' Etsy Page

The description on Etsy says of the black lava salt:

Black Hawaiian lava salt is harvested from the salt ponds on the western side of the island of Kauai, through an ancient harvesting practice. It's prized for its medicinal properties and contains activated charcoal, which is used for its super detox and cleansing properties. The high levels of potassium and magnesium help to soothe sore muscles and the high mineral content is absorbed through the skin.

The calendula, lavender, chamomile, and juniper berries all work to calm and relax you. On top of that, the calendula and juniper berries are also good for your skin. The eucalyptus oil will open your lungs and help you breathe in all the goodness of the other herbs.

One thing I really loved was the natural black the soak produced. I love charcoal bath-bombs because of how witchy they are, so I loved this soak for providing the same effect.

I also loved that everything I needed was included in one simple jar. Instead of digging out my own herbs and salts, this was already assembled with intention and simple to just pour in the bath.

The soak smelled fantastic and I definitely left feeling calmer and lighter. The tension in my body seemed to melt away as I laid there, and I felt warm and ready for bed after I got out.

Remember that baths are a great and easy way to practice magic and herbalism in your daily life. Take time for yourself as often as you can. You're not just treating yourself or practicing self-care, you're invoking the power within yourself and cleansing your spirit.

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