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Sage Advice Saturday: Hedge Witch Apothecary Halloween Scream Box Review

As a testament to how far behind my backlog is, I had planned out a post to review the Halloween Scream Box from Hedge Witch Apothecary back in October. And here we are almost to January and they're already onto their Jingle Bell Rock Box. But at last, let me shout the praises of this marvelous mail day treat.

This box included a multitude of Hedge Witch Apothecary products to fill my witchy heart with joy. All told I received:

- A mugwort bundle

- Three vials of tea (I Put Spell On You, Monster Mash, and This is Halloween) -- I'll do a review of these soon!

- A Power to the Plants glitter sticker

- A random tarot card from the Trick or Tarot deck (I got the 8 of Pentacles)

- A vial of Bloodstopper (Yarrow powder)

- A Prosperity Bag with a charm

- A bag of mulling spices

- A Frankenstein's Monster Purifying Face Mask -- review to come!

- A Carnelian crystal

- A Root Beer Simple Syrup recipe

- A surprise! (a pin, a spider ring, and a bat ring)

Altogether it was an absolute Halloween Dream! Check back in throughout the week for full reviews on the teas and mask! And remember, when you're a witch, it's Halloween all year round!

#sageadvicesaturday #hedgewitchapothecary #halloween

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