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Tea Leaves Thursday: Spellbound Warming Tea

For today's Tea Leaves Thursday, I'm going to talk about a very special tea--one that I've made! Some of you might know that I part-time at a few different places--one of them being Ineffable Ca Phe on Penn Avenue. Recently I've been wanting to step up their tea game with more herbal blends so I started digging through what bounty we had to work with. This blend I call my Spellbound Warming Tea--for the warming feeling it gives me all through my bones!

This tea is roughly 40% Jasmine Flowers, 50% Holy Basil, 10% Roasted Dandelion Root Granules, and a couple shakes of Nutmeg!

As Baron from The Cat Returns would say, "It's my own special blend of tea. It's a bit different every time, so I can't guarantee the flavor."

The Jasmine, Holy Basil, and Nutmeg all help to relieve stress. The Nutmeg and Dandelion Root help with digestion, while Holy Basil can also ease the stomach.

Roasted, ground Dandelion Root--like that used in this tea blend also makes a powerful tea for stimulating psychic powers. Jasmine gives prophetic dreams and nutmeg is used in luck and prosperity magic.

Because of the Dandelion, the tea can become a little bitter if steeped for too long so I suggest when brewing it, to wait until it has the color of a light roast coffee! Then it's ready to drink!

You'll feel so warm, cozy, and relaxed after just one cup. With how cold it's been lately, this tea is just what the doctor ordered!

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