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Prophetic Potions: Rose-Colored Scrying Glass Cocktail

In an effort to spice things up a little, I want to branch off from the sweet and do a wider variety of kitchen witch recipes--like when I did my favorite pasta recipe.

For this post, I want to talk about cocktails! Like for example, did you know hops are prophetic herbs? Alcohol can open our senses to different vibrations in the atmosphere. It allows us to loosen up and hear and see more than we normally can--and this can be used to our advantage if we mix just the right potion.

One concoction I mixed recently was a specific combination of prophetic herbs I had around the house--and it turned out absolutely delicious! And I decided to call it Rose-Colored Scrying Glass due to the rose syrup and its divinatory power! It's a tea cocktail so it can be served hot or iced--hot makes it like a hot toddy!

Rose-Colored Scrying Glass Cocktail Ingredients:

- rose syrup (make the same way as any floral syrup)

- hot or iced Spellbound Warming Tea

- 1-2 shots of whiskey (depending on your tolerance)

The rose syrup and the herbs in the Spellbound Warming Tea all aid prophetic dreams--so make sure to take note of the dreams you have after drinking this. Who knows what all it could stir up!

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