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Film Club Friday: Suspiria 1977

No doubt with the recent star-studded remake, you've now heard of the 1977 Dario Argento film Suspiria. And while the remake was okay, in my opinion, it just can't compare to the original--I enjoyed it, but it lacked in many places.

One of the most compelling parts of the original film, that made it a cult classic, is the cinematography. The lighting, the sets, everything comes together to form a spellbinding, unnerving ambience. The striking colors and detailed sets are unforgettable in their intricacy and design.

It's almost hard to limit myself on the set shots because there's so many beautiful stills to choose from. It's easy to get lost in the internet spiral of it all. The wallpapers, the hues, the props--nothing is left untouched by creative hands. Everything is chosen with intention and style.

And the movie itself is compelling and surprisingly gory--if you're a fan of that (and I am). Think a Saw movie, but art. And witches. Lots of witches.

The story follows Suzy Bannion, an American, who has traveled to Germany to attend a prestigious ballet school. Violence and mystery ensue, and it's up to Suzy to figure out if it's just a wild conspiracy theory, or if the school really is run by evil witches.

So while it isn't a fond portrayal of witches, I still love this movie and consider it one of my absolute favorites. It's intriguing and beautiful and the unsettling score by Goblin will haunt you in your dreams for a week.

And even if you are a witch, you'll find yourself championing Suzy as she unravels the dark history of the school and tries to keep her friends and classmates from their impending, grisly deaths. Because, it is important to remember, just because you use your magic for good, doesn't mean everyone does. Magic is accessible to anyone who wishes to use it and sometimes, it's bad people that decide to use that power. It's just all about keeping yourself in check, and reminding yourself to use your power responsibly. A great, safe alternative to hexing is always to try a spell to send your enemies away! It doesn't always have to be resolved by revenge. Remember that what you send out can come back times three. And hexes leave a paper trail.

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