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Sage Advice Saturday: An Ostara Egg Spell

Ostara, also known as the Spring Equinox or Vernal Equinox, is a witch holiday that gets its name from the Germanic goddess, Eostre. In fact, the Christian holiday of Easter essentially evolved from Ostara. This year Ostara falls on Tuesday, March 20th.

During Ostara we take time to celebrate fertility, health, love, and of course Spring! Symbols of Ostara include eggs, the hare, the serpent, and spring flowers. It is a celebration of life, rebirth, and renewal.

Many Ostara spells and rituals are centered around the egg. Eggs are always powerful tools for magic and during Ostara, they carry even more power than usual. One simple spell is to add a magicked egg to your altar.

During Ostara you'll want to add things like feathers, spring flowers, and dyed eggs to your altar to honor Eostre and the coming of spring. To charm an egg for the altar you'll first need to drain the egg by tapping a hole into the base of it with a needle or other thin tool. I actually used a meat thermometer to make my hole because it was sharp enough to delicately pierce it, but thick enough to make a hole wide enough to release the yolk and whites of the egg.

Once you've drained the egg and cleaned it off, take a marker and write your wishes for Ostara/Spring around the egg. These wishes can be for health, happiness, love, etc. If you're trying to have a baby, Ostara is the perfect time to pray for fertility and safe, healthy childbirth.

And there you have it! Add the egg to your altar and have a happy Ostara, everyone!

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