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Sage Advice Saturday: Three Pigs Collective

While I'm on a spree of changing up my content, I think I'd like to start using Sage Advice Saturdays as a place for shoutout posts when the spirit moves me! And to clarify, none of these are ever sponsored posts. I support what I love and that's it.

The local business I want to give a shoutout this week is my friends down at Three Pigs Collective on Butler St. in Lawrenceville. I've seen 3PC changeover from Three Pigs Vintage to Collective, move from online to a physical shop, and just generally step up their game every single day.

Shopping for clothes can often feel daunting or frustrating, but I always feel comfortable and confident shopping from 3PC and it's the only place I really go anymore for clothes. It's impossible for me to leave empty-handed. One of my latest finds being this gorgeous black velvet dress that makes me feel like the most powerful witch in the world when I slip it on:

Sadie, the genius behind it all, not only sells carefully selected vintage clothes, but she also modifies and paints a lot of pieces too. And it's a kind of magic the affect she has on even the simplest pieces of clothing. She can turn anything into a precious, marvelous treasure.

And the vintage pieces she curates are straight out of a movie or a fairytale. When you shop at 3PC it's like being transported to another world where, as cliché as it sounds, everything is beautiful and nothing hurts.

And she's also a wizard when it comes to set design. The way she stages her photoshoots and lookbooks make you feel that putting on anything she sells you just might transport you to some enchanted realm that's half art film / half fantasy novel. She makes your most marvelous dreams seem tangible, possible.

And being behind the scenes doesn't even take away from the experience--only enhances it. Because if you ever have the pleasure of joining Sadie and her team for a shoot, you'll realize the dream is real. It's like a filter drops down over real life and suddenly the room is warm and lit like a scene from a Magritte painting. You feel the dizzying joy and excitement of freedom and true weirdness. There's no boundaries--only art, only magic. You're on the set of a Georges Méliès film and no one can tell you otherwise, because they too are caught up in the sorcery of it all.

I'm a strong believer in many forms of magic. There's people who use their power to create charms or hexes or sigils or brews. And then there are witches who don't even realize the power they put into the art they're making--the cake-witches, the hair-witches, the sirens, the poets. Sadie is a witch for the magic she puts into every button, every stitch, every brushstroke. When you buy something from 3PC, you're buying a little bit of magic.

And with Valentine's Day coming up, Sadie has partnered up with another local talent--florist, Rust Moss--for a gorgeous, dazzling pop-up. So stop by her shop either then, or before, or after. Just make sure you do at some point. You'll be glad you did, and glad she shared a little of her magic with you.

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