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Sage Advice Saturday: Naturally Dyed Eggs

For those of you who do celebrate Easter or are celebrating a late Ostara, I figured an egg-dying tutorial wouldn't go amiss.

This year I decided to dye all my eggs naturally--it made a fun craft and science experiment since I wasn't entirely sure what I was doing, but the results turned out beautifully!

From top to bottom, left to right, I used cayenne pepper, hibiscus tea, frozen blueberries, turmeric tea, and regular black tea. For each of these mixtures, I used hot water to steep the colors, and then added 1/8th cup white vinegar.

I left the eggs in for a long time, turning them over slowly at hour intervals. Mostly I went about my day while I let them sit for probably about 4 hours.

Here were the results:


The turmeric egg came out a lovely, light yellow. I think if I do this again next year, however, I'll add an extra tea bag or two and see if I can't get it a shade darker.


Now this one actually surprised me. I was expecting a fuchsia shade to match the tea's color, but instead, I ended up with a pitch black egg! I love it nevertheless, and now I have a trick up my sleeve for Samhain, I suppose!

Black Tea:

This one came out just as I'd hoped, with a patchy brown, sepia color. I absolutely love this shade!


Just like the tea egg, this one came out just as I'd hoped it would. It turned out to be a deep, speckled blue. 10/10!


This egg was probably the one that let me down the most. The orange was very patchy and rubbed off easily as it didn't really seep into the shell. I think the cayenne's powdered form made it hard to steep in the water and settle on the shell. Next year for an orange I might try a rooibos tea as the tea all stained very well!

Overall, it was a great experiment and I can't wait to try more next year!

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