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First Tarot Tuesday: VII of Swords

To keep myself on track a bit regarding posts, I've decided to dedicate a purpose to each day! And Tuesdays I've chosen as Tarot Tuesdays! So every Tuesday I'll aim to post a card I pick from the deck, with intention care. I'll tell you a little about the card and it's significance, and some weeks I may even branch out to other forms of divination--including rune stones (which I also love). Sometimes I may even do full spreads! We'll get there! Today's card is the Seven of Swords: The Seven of Swords urges you to look towards your future. Try to anticipate problems before they have the chance to appear, take precautions, plan thoughtfully. Gather all the information you can and make a confident decision, being aware of obstacles. The Seven represents creativity and invention. Consider an unconventional plan--something you would normally never consider. Step out of your comfort zone and explore the parts of yourself you've left behind or pushed aside.

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