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Tarot Tuesday: OK Tarot by Adam J. Kurtz

Ok so it's true! Sometimes we buy things just because they're pretty! For me, that was the Ok Tarot deck by Adam J. Kurtz. It's so minimalist and tender--I felt really drawn to it. Plus, I'm all for younger, more modern artists designing decks in their style.

The deck is really simplistic, but the hand-drawn style makes it endearing and personal.

The inside of the guide's first page says, "It's not perfect, but it's ok." And the guide itself is fairly simple too--giving just three descriptive words per card. And for each suit, there's a general description.

In an intentional pull, I got: The Lovers, The Hierophant, and The Two of Pentacles

Kurtz's guide, which was written by Kelsey Anderson, describes these as:

The Lovers: Decision, Values, Potential

The Hierophant: Principles, Tradition, Expectation

Two of Pentacles: Suit Description - Finances, Security, Earth, Stability / Individual Card Description - Imbalance, Internal World vs. Material Manifestation

So would I consider this accurate? I'd say if you're whittling a card with a myriad of meanings down to three words, the guide is doing its best. The Lovers is as accurate as it can be in limited language, and The Hierophant is close--though I'd add something about education, teaching, mentorship, etc. And I'd say the Two of Pentacles description is pretty on point as well--once again this is all considering these are tiny paraphrased versions of the meaning each card fully carries.

Overall, I think I'd use the deck mostly for personal use and occasionally for readings if the design suited the crowd. Not the most compelling deck, but certainly I'm not unhappy with it! Like it said, "not perfect, but ok."

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