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  • Mother of Mugwort

Tarot Tuesday: XIV, Temperance

The angel often portrayed on this card can be perceived many ways. Perhaps it’s your guardian angel watching you grow, perhaps it’s your higher self coming into bloom. What do we need to bring into our lives to achieve our greatest self? It’s a harmonious combination of focus, determination, joy, and finding purpose in each day. It’s about balancing work and play so that each day brings you some happiness and inner peace.

It’s about doing what you need to in order to achieve physical, mental, and spiritual wellness. And it’s different for everyone! It’s about finding your own groove. Getting your mind, body, and soul in sync can take time and energy trying to find that right blend.

Now is a time for self control and taking action to better organize your life. No one else can do it for you. Do some goal-setting and figure out where you’re going and what you need to get there.

Have a creative block? Try some new media you’re unfamiliar with. Job hunting? Practice new skills, beef up your resume, and flaunt your talents. Dating troubles? Look for someone who meshes with you naturally but also supplements your best qualities.

And physical health is a big component of all of this. You aren’t your best self if your body isn’t at 100%. So take care of yourself! Drink more water, take a bath, do a face mask, eat well, take your vitamins! This is on YOU! Self care can’t happen if you don’t take the reigns!

Reversed, Temperance encourages you to let go a little. Let things run their course and play out naturally. Relax and know the universe has a plan in mind for you.

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