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Tarot Tuesday: Lunar Eclipse Reading

As you might remember, I was pretty excited for the Super Blood Wolf Moon it was going to be a powerful time for planning, evolving, and divination. To get a full idea of what my life post-moon would bring, I decided to pull one card from each of my best decks. I fully believe that each of my decks has its own soul and character and so the best way to get a full view of what's to come, is to check in with each little oracle I have!

I also prepared by drinking a heaping mug of herbal tea to open up my psychic senses. A combination of my Spellbound Warming Tea with some Rose and Mugwort.

The first card I pulled was from my Wild Unknown deck. That produced the Mother of Wands. This is a suit of ambition and new beginnings--perfect for what I was seeking answers to. Specifically, the mother, is an attractive and vibrant card--according to the deck guide. Good omens all around.

The second card I pulled was from my Rider-Waite-Smith deck--The Moon, reversed. Not necessarily bad, but certainly a warning. This card is telling me I will have to persist through any adversity on my own. I can only really rely on and trust myself. I will feel unprepared and maybe even a little helpless, but I have to push forward because no one else is going to do it for me. And perhaps I have to keep all my projects to myself as well. To be honest this card really hit me because I have a tendency, as a Gemini, to excitedly tell people about the things going on in my life as soon as they begin. As soon as I have an idea for something or get a new opportunity, I tell all of my friends. And then if things don't work out or take longer than expected, it can be embarrassing to backtrack or explain. The Moon is telling me to rely on myself and move as a shadow on a moonless night. I have to start keeping more to myself because I'm the only one I can always trust.

The third card I pulled from my faerie deck. This one was the Strength card--important after pulling The Moon reversed. I was feeling a little low after that, but Strength gave me confidence. It's a card of such courage and power through adversity. The cards are telling me, things won't be easy and it will take all of my strength to press on, but I am capable. We each have a strength inside of us, unseen--like the surprise rush of adrenaline in terrifying situations. Our spirits refuse to cave in. We keep moving forward. On a more physical plane, it encourages me to take better care of my body--something I often struggle with on my busy schedule, but important nonetheless. It's a reminder to drink more tea, eat more magical herbs, and meditate more often.

The last card I pulled was perhaps the most fitting of all. After shuffling my Radiant Threshold deck, of all the 60 cards I could have pulled, The Full Moon found its way to me.

Centa writes,

"This card indicates a time of completion, consummation, and clearing. What is coming to a peak in your life right now? Have you been feeling it rumble in? Acknowledge what you have done to reach this point. Celebrate your successes, and learn from things that didn't go your way. Either way, what is done is done. Take this moment to see the past, cherish it, and gather wisdom from your experiences before moving on."

Truly there couldn't have been a better card to pull last, right around when the eclipse was peaking.

Then to really begin fresh, post-eclipse, I took a ritual bath with Rue, Basil, Rosemary, Rose, Calendula, Lavender, and Violet. I wanted to wash away all of the bad and everything I was trying to let go--everything prior to the moon that was dragging me down.

I used a Sage soap and imagined myself washing away all of the bad energies and starting with new, clean skin. Then, when I was done, I let the bath drain while I was still in the tub. This is sort of a personal ritual for me when I take herbal baths. I picture all of the bad that I've washed away slipping down the drain. And to sit in the tub while it drains, just feels right. It's pulling away from my skin, away from me, and I can feel it as it moves towards the end of the tub and down down down.

Then, lastly, I coated myself in the oil from a Honeysuckle lotion candle. I left the tub feeling warm, refreshed, and ready for all the loveliest dreams.


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