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Tarot Tuesday: XIX, The Sun

The Sun, as you might imagine, is a card of happiness, growth, vitality, and celebration. It also brings creativity and luck, and encourages enthusiasm, spontaneity, and honesty. Seek adventure, new opportunities and activities, and focus on creative work and self-expression. Be confident in yourself and in your ideas and plans. Become a leader. Turn on your inner light and charm. Radiate love and positivity.

Sometimes it can be hard to force positivity and optimism when things seem grim, but delve deep into the dark corners of yourself and shed a little light. Do more things to boost your energy. Get more sunlight and fresh air as often as you can.

The Sun can represent a teacher with light and energy that is passed on to those within their circle. It advises working with children or having children of your own. Think back on your own childhood and how it has shaped you. At what point did you lose your creative, inquisitive self? When did you stop believing? When did you stop dreaming? Get back into the habit of pursuing activities you love. Find as much joy and light in your life as you possibly can.

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