• Mother of Mugwort

Tarot Tuesday: XIII, Death

Death, like any tarot card, is complex and layered with different ideas and concepts. On one hand, it represents decay, destruction, loss, pain.

But in an advice reading, it can also represent an end that will bring about new growth and new beginnings. The dismemberment featured in many variations of this card can represent a severance of old ideas, you no longer being as you were--which isn't always a bad thing.

The Death card can be a card of change, renewal, and regrowth after moving forward from the person you used to be. Sometimes stagnation and routine can be harmful, sometimes you need something to end in order to move into the next stage of your life.

This card encourages you to cut ties with toxicity in your life, harden yourself and push forward. As painful as it may be, the reward is worth it. It's time for an intervention. Tell your old self, "NO MORE."

Drop the facade and reconnect with your core self. Find your strength, and begin again.

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