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Tarot Tuesday: Daughter of Pentacles

One thing that is unique about the Wild Unknown tarot deck as opposed to common decks is that instead of the Page, Knight, Queen, and King the Wild Unknown deck features the Daughter, Son, Mother, and Father.

But, essentially, the Daughter card will represent the Page. In the handbook, the Wild Unknown describes the Daughter of Pentacles as responsible and kind.

In a regular reading, this card urges you to explore and learn, take on new responsibilities that will offer you those opportunities. Go back to school or find a new line of work. Everything is trial and error--don't be afraid to make mistakes.

Gain skills and experience by taking on a position where you will be learning while you work--an apprenticeship or a job within your desired field. Volunteer or intern if you can't find a paying job in that area. But plan carefully, don't make any rash decisions before thinking it all through. Be organized and efficient.

Be inquisitive and curious. Refocus and be aware of the world around you. Reach out for guidance. You are on a quest for knowledge.

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