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Tarot Tuesday: XVI, The Tower

When reading for prophecy, The Tower is not a very welcome card. It represents upset, upheaval, pain.

In an advice reading, we must recognize the card is urging change--something powerful that will affect every aspect of our lives. Change can be traumatic and painful--as the card shows us--but with the end of one thing comes the beginning of another. From the ashes, a new phoenix will be born.

It's time to find an important aspect of your life that is bringing you no joy. And it is time to end it, start fresh. Consider if you've experienced something recently that has deeply upset and troubled you. That is the thing to change.

The Tower either foretells or urges a drastic, even catastrophic change--depending on the type of reading you are doing. Perhaps it is a violent confrontation, the loss of something that provides you stability, ending a relationship. Whatever it is, it will not be easy. Regardless of whether the card is warning or advising it, this change will not be simple or come without consequences.

Prepare as best you can to adapt. Be flexible. Be gentle with yourself. A storm is coming.

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