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Tarot Tuesday: VIII of Wands

The Eight of Wands signifies a purposeful direction of energy. Analyze your goals and put forth the energy needed. Things are falling into place and now is the time to gather your resources. Make your move. You have the tools and the universe is saying: Yes.

Just make sure you are organized and deliberate. This is no time for second guessing. Proceed quickly but carefully. Prepare for any contingencies.

Acknowledge those helping you along the way. Harmony with those around you is key.

Now is the time to travel and communicate. It is no coincidence that this card was pulled just after Mercury has left retrograde.

Momentum is building all around you. Be aware of the social movements in your community and the world as a whole. Now is the time to choose your stance.

The Eight of Wands advises artists, entrepreneurs, writers, and activists to commit. This is your sign that it's time to make things happen. Pursue your projects and goals. The world is waiting.

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