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Sage Advice Saturday: Prepping for the Super Blood Wolf Moon

This month we have an incredible gift from the stars--a Super Blood Wolf Moon--which is just as magical as it sounds. But what does all of it really mean? Let's break it down, shall we?

* * * * *


A Super Moon is when a full or new Moon is also closest to Earth in its orbit. Because of this, it will make the moon appear larger and also brighter than usual.


A Blood Moon is used to describe the reddish tint the moon takes on when Earth's shadow comes between the Sun and the full moon.


A Wolf Moon is an old Native American term for the first full moon of January.

* * * * *

Altogether, it produces a Super Blood Wolf Moon!

This moon will be visible from Sunday, Jan. 20 at 11:41 p.m. EST and last until 12:44 a.m. on Monday, Jan 21. The peak viewing time is at 12:16 a.m. EST on Jan. 21. It will be visible to those in the Americas, Europe, Africa and the central Pacific region. The best view, however, will belong to North America.

So what does this all mean for moon magic?

The full moon is the moon’s most powerful phase. It’s a time for meditation and manifesting your goals. It heightens your psychic powers, making it the perfect time for divination and psychic readings. The full moon will lend you its incredible power so take this time to practice spells you don’t normally have the power or strength to do.

The Wolf Moon is a moon for organization and planning. Figure out where you’re headed and take action. It’s time for change and a new you.

It’s also important that the eclipse begins on a Sunday and ends on a Monday. Sunday is the sun’s day and Monday belongs to the moon.

Sunday spells deal with goals, planning, tangible things—spells of finance, career moves, legal matters, business, education. So use Sunday to plan for your professional future. What do you need to invest your time into? What are your goals for your future?

Monday deals with matters of the hearth and home—cooking, healing, gardening. The moon is deeply internal. While Sunday focuses on the surface level you, Monday asks you to look into your soul and seek spiritual growth—think The High Priestess. Monday is also a powerful day for divination.

The Supermoon will heighten our emotions and make all of our feelings much more intense—making it a powerful but dangerous time for love spells. It’s a risky business, but might be worth the leap of faith if it’s what you truly want—just know it might backfire exponentially.

The bright light of the Supermoon can also shine on our souls to reveal our true selves. Once again, in combination with Monday’s power, this will be the perfect time to explore your soul and true self.

While January is already a time for new beginnings, with the new year under way, the Supermoon also encourages this in a more climactic way. It suggests great change and huge shifts in your life. It’s time to seek total fulfillment.

Supermoon power can be observed for three days—the day of, the day before, and the day after.

In general, eclipses are incredibly powerful astronomical events. The veil between our world and the unknown becomes thinner. It’s a time for communication with spirits and the gods. Though I never recommend communing with the dead, if you must, do it at this time. Just please make sure you’re being safe and thorough—lest something unwanted cross over with your guest.

Eclipses are the best time for divination because they’re nearly bursting with prophetic power. Predictions made during eclipses carry tremendous weight.

And as with most everything else mentioned, they’re the perfect time to focus on spiritual growth. It’s the time to quit bad habits and simplify your life—cut out the drama and become the you that you’ve wanted to be for so long.

Eclipse energy is observed for five days—two days before, the day of, and two days after.

A clear timeline and list of the magical energy brought on by the Super Blood Wolf Moon would look like this:

So what will I be doing during this period? I’ll be focusing the full five days on exactly who I am now and who I want to become. On Sunday I’ll focus on setting my intentions and doing readings to figure out what the universe has in store for me—though the best readings will come after midnight once we cross into Monday. Monday will be a great day for taking action on my goals and starting anew. From there, I’ll use what energy is left through Tuesday towards my new, future self.

I know this post seems far in advance since there’s still almost a week to go, but I didn’t want to wait until next Saturday and leave you all to miss out on the full five, magical days surrounding the Super Blood Wolf Moon. Start planning now so you’re fully ready for all that’s to come. It’s time to cast out the chaos and find our true selves. Bright blessings, witches—see you on the other side!

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