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Tarot Tuesday: The Radiant Threshold by Centa Schumacher

Today's Tarot Tuesday is extra special because it's not about one card as much as it is about a whole deck!

My dear friend and fellow witch, Centa Schumacher created an entire oracle deck! And it's incredible!

Centa is a photographer based out of Pittsburgh and runs an amazing local gallery called Phosphor.

The deck, called The Radiant Threshold, includes 60 cards--all featuring photographs that Centa has taken herself.

And the most magical part of all? Each card description comes with a ritual as well. So you can actually integrate your card reading into your life physically and spiritually.

Here's the first six cards individually:

These are titled Air, Fire, Water, Earth, The Goddess, and The Milky Way.

I also went through and pulled out the six that spoke to me the most:

These are The Sword, Death, Birth, The Veil, The Path, and The Waxing Moon.

I also shuffled the deck and pulled out a single card to give you all a taste of this marvelous, magnetic deck!

The card I pulled was (24) Binds. For this card's introduction, Centa writes:

"Suspended in a hazy place, a black circle hangs, pulled open by many thin connections heading in every direction. Unable to close, light pours out of it, spilling into the world and diffusing into the atmosphere. As the strings continue their pull, unrelenting, energy wanes and becomes unclear."

Entrancing right? And it only gets more and more divine the further you read.

To get a deck of your own (which I cannot recommend enough) follow this link!

And make sure to follow Centa and Phosphor on Instagram to stay up to date with all of the events she's involved with. You can be sure to catch me at Phosphor's next opening this Friday the 19th!

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