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Tea Leaves Thursday: Tea Drops

This week for Tea Leaves Thursday, I wanted to do a review on a really cool tea I found recently! Tea Drops are essentially a bath bomb for tea. The company describes them as "organic, pressed teas that dissolve in your cup." They also say, "Tea Drops are made with real loose leaf tea. That means you'll notice sediment at the bottom of your cup. We encourage you to drink it for extra benefits--that's where the good stuff is!"

According to their site, part of the reason why they wanted to introduce pressed teas is because it's 20% less waste than tea with tea bags. And considering the amount of tea I go through, thinking about it, it really does pile up after a while. They're USDA Organic, Fair Trade, and donate clean water with every purchase. Also as a fellow woman business owner, I love supporting other women-owned businesses whenever possible.

What really caught my eye about them is the beautiful packaging and the cute designs. Each tea drop is pressed into a cute, different little shape so you can tell them apart.

The box I got had a mixture of teas including Citrus Ginger, Matcha Green, Sweet Peppermint, and Rose Earl Grey. It includes two of each for a total of eight tea drops. At $12, with such a gorgeous reusable box, I felt it was a solid deal!

So how do they work exactly? They have an easy to follow video on their site, or it's also explained on the box:

The one I decided to try first to test it out was the Sweet Peppermint! It's pressed into a cute little heart and I felt in the mood for something a little sweeter.

From there I followed the instructions on the box and filled my mug up with hot water, dropped in the tea drop, and waited for it to dissolve a bit before stirring.

After that, I stirred it all up and watched it turn into a more opaque tea. Altogether it didn't take more than a minute or so--no specific steeping time like some teas.

And like the website says, it leaves behind a little bit of sediment at the bottom--which honestly could be a blast to try out with tea leaf readings!

Overall review? The tea was really delicious and while I haven't tried the others yet, I'm already jonesing to buy a full box of the peppermint tea. It wasn't overwhelmingly sweet and had a gentleness to it. It reminded me of an iced mint sweet tea an old roommate of mine used to make--something I really loved. Once it gets warmer, you might just find me drinking this every day, iced, out on my porch in the sun.

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