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Tea Leaves Thursday: Mystery Norwegian House Tea

For those of you keeping up with the tumultuous saga that is my life, you'll know that I moved again recently, but things are good! My new roommate is truly an angel and we've been having loads of fun together.

One funny thing that happened so far was that we found a mystery tea while cleaning out the cupboards? Perhaps from roommates past?

Either way I used Google Translate to find out what it was and it turned out to be a Norwegian tea! The contents being:

"white pine, hybrids, fennel cores, hibiscus flowers, nettle, anise licorice root,

linden flowers, prawns (?), marigold flowers, marrokian (Moroccan?) mint,

peppermint leaves, and rose petals"

It's quite a unique blend with lots of different flavors going on--though I would say once actually steeped, (for a suggested 5-7 minutes according to the packaging) its flavor is fairly light--probably due to it being left open for an undetermined amount of time!

Still, it makes for a nice, delicate, floral tea when I'm in the mood for it--plus I just love the mystery of it and how we happened upon it! So I'll be drinking it until it runs out and perhaps when that happens I'll buy up the ingredients fresh and make my own attempt to match the original blend!

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