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Tea Leaves Thursday: Tragic Love Spell Tea

Another tea blend I've been making at Ineffable, besides the Spellbound Warming Tea, is my Tragic Love Spell tea!

The measurements are similar to that one in that it's roughly 40% Hibiscus Flowers, 50% Lemongrass, 10% Orange Peel, and a couple shakes of Cinnamon!

As you might recall, I love hibiscus tea more than any other, and it always always pairs perfectly with cinnamon.

Why Tragic Love Spell? Well, remember that hibiscus is used in spells of love, lust, and divination. Cinnamon is used in spells for success, healing, power, psychic power, lust, protection, and love. And both are powerful aphrodisiacs. Together, they make an enticing tea--not only visually, but in flavor and magical power as well. Give a sip to your lover and they'll never want to leave you.

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