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Sage Advice Saturday: Making a Basic Charm

What is a charm? Well Witchipedia describes a charm as "any item worn by an individual for magickal effect, especially one that bears magic words, an incantation or a magical symbol. This could include an amulet or talisman or any piece of magical jewelry."

Charms can be as simple or elaborate as you want. And they don't have to be obvious or incorporate herbs. It's all about the power of intention. You have to make the charm with intention.

This charm is the one I carry most often as it usually blends seamlessly into my outfits. What appears to be a floral necklace to most people is actually something that carries a lot of power for me.

I found the necklace at a thrift store about two years ago and knew it would be perfect. As soon as I got home, I started filling it with magical items and enchanted it with an incantation.

It currently holds:

- Rosemary (used to ward off evil spirits, attract good energy and faeries) - Sage (for protection) - Blue Cornflower Petals (enhances psychic ability and the power to see faeries) - Lavender (for protection against the evil eye and the power to see spirits) - Rose Petals (for protection against the evil eye) - Mugwort (for protection and enhanced psychic ability) - Rue (for protection against the evil eye, hexes, and hauntings) - Honeysuckle (to stimulate psychic powers and sharpen intuition)

- A Small Bell (a ritual tool of invocation and banishment) - A Pentacle Charm (for protection)

Overall, this charm's purpose is for protection and enhanced psychic ability, and I think it's worked quite well for me. Any day I feel I need a little extra power, I'll put it on and feel calmer instantly.

Try making your own with herbs and magical items that are important to you. Once again, the most important part of making a charm is the intention you lend it. Let me know how yours turn out!

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