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Tea Leaves Thursday: Sundried Wild Rose Buds

This week's Tea Leaves Thursday is featuring a tea from my friends at Wilderleaf Tea!

This tea a Sun-Dried Wild Rose Bud tea that the site describes as:

"Another delicious option for those of us without a tolerance for caffeine, this soft tisane originates from high up in the mountains of Wenshan in Yunnan, China. The full rose buds are picked and sun dried on bamboo mats to preserve their fresh floral aromas.

When brewed, the liquor shows up a pale pink that presents a pleasant smell of sweet, delicate roses. The flavour speaks true to this tea's aroma with notes of fresh dew, rose herbals and the delicious sweetness of Turkish delight. As you brew this tisane, it presents surprisingly complex herbal notes that linger long into its finish. A perfect choice for a late evening or for any moment of relaxation."

Wow, right?

You can see the pink coloring here and if only you could taste the delicate, floral sweetness of this!

Roses, in magic, are mostly known for love spells, as they're sacred to Aphrodite. But drinking a rosebud tea before bed can also enhance prophetic dreams.

For a long time, as a child, I never liked roses. The thorns deterred me from them in the garden, and after reading Le Petit Prince you tend to connect them with vanity and selfishness. However, I have to admit, as an adult, I've grown to love the taste of them.

Wilderleaf is currently sold out of all their teas, but they're headed to China soon to pick up more delicious treats--so keep checking their site for new stock! I can't wait to see what they find!

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