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Tea Leaves Thursday: Marigold Tea

Calendula--more commonly known as the Marigold flower--has a multitude of medicinal and magical properties, making it a great tea for this week's Tea Leaves Thursday.

Magical lore says to protect yourself while you sleep, sprinkle a handful of Calendula petals under your bed. There are also tales that if a girl touches the petals of Calendula flowers with her bare feet, she will understand birdsong.

In a tea or bath, Calendula can be used to relieve anxiety and fevers. Also, when added to a bath, marigold petals can help you gain the respect and admiration of those you meet.

Marigold can also be taken internally to ease symptoms of smallpox and measles, and treat epilepsy and mild heart disease.

Traditionally, Marigold is used in spells of protection, prophetic dreams, legal matters, and psychic powers. When carried in the pocket during hearings, Marigold can even help you in court.

This tea also makes a lovely pair with the Sage/Apple/Walnut Scones from yesterday's Kitchen Witch Wednesday!

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