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Tea Leaves Thursday: Butterfly Pea Flower Tea

Hello my doves, I've finally returned from a long hibernation, to pick back up right where we left off--with Tea Leaves Thursday! And I'm coming back strong with the most magical tea of all: Butterfly Pea Flower Tea.

You'll probably recognize this tea from a plethora of Buzzfeed tutorials for lemonade or cocktails. You see, what makes this tea so magical, is that it can change its color. It makes for an excellent party trick, or even just a bright little surprise on an otherwise dull day.

The magic of this tea comes from a reaction when the tea is mixed with lemon juice. When the pH changes, the color changes. Combined with the acidity of lemon juice, the tea will change from a deep cerulean to violet--even magenta.

Butterfly Pea Flowers are native to South East Asia and are popular in recipes from Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, and Vietnam. The first few times I encountered Butterfly Pea Flower Tea was through bubble tea cafes where it's a popular addition to make the tea especially unique.

But beyond simply the visual appeal, Butterfly Pea Flower Tea is also incredible for your health. Like green tea, it's full of antioxidants. It's great for your skin and protects against premature aging. It also fights internal inflammation which can help with breakouts. It's even been used just to treat general pain and increase vitality. As far as I can tell from my research, Butterfly Pea Flower is a super tea--there's nothing it can't do. And that my friends, is magic.

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