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Tea Leaves Thursday: Hedge Witch Apothecary Fall Sampler Review

So in this amazing little box from Hedge Witch Apothecary that I've been writing about all week, I received some samples of their wonderful fall teas! As they all came together, I figured it'd be most fitting to review them in one big masterpost! So let's begin, shall we?

This is Halloween Trick or Treat Tea:

This tea is a mix of Vanilla Red Rooibos, Peppercorns, Cacao Nibs, Orange Peel, and Peppermint. The Rooibos definitely blends nicely with the mint and gives a very warming feeling overall--like drinking hot apple cider in front of a gentle fire while the wind blusters outside, but far from your cozy little pocket. It tastes like how watching Over the Garden Wall makes me feel.

I Put a Spell on You Magical Tea:

This tea is a blend with Jasmine, Honeybush, Sweet Woodruff, and Cacao Nibs. It's light, dreamy, and reminds me of warm spring nights just after rain. Perfect for a night out on your porch looking over your flower garden, lit by the stars. It tastes like what Sally Owens' love spell looks like.

Monster Mash Rooty Beer Tea Blend:

This tea is a combination of Birch Bark, Cherry Bark, Burdock, Sassafras Bark, and Sarsaparilla Root. It all comes together to produce a warm, earthy, savory flavor. The spice and snap of rootbeer, with all the comfort of a cottage in the woods. I imagine it's the kind of tea Ursula would give Kiki while she stayed at the cabin. Something to put a little pep back in her step.

There's something special about good tea that can transport you elsewhere--to another time, season, place. There's so much effort that goes into cultivating just the right cup, the perfect blend. All of these took me someplace wonderful and I'm eager to try their other teas and see if they have the same power.

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